After my coming to Israel from France in 2009, I worked for several big companies like Precise Software (Software Editor) & HP Entreprise.

Then I decided in 2018 to create my own company, Solusoft.Tech, to offer my services as a contractor.


In order to develop an android / ios App or a website, or to redesign and renew an old service, you need to require several expert skills I would be happy to offer:

- Cloud Development with AWS Serverless technologies
- Software Design & Architecture
- Refactoring & Reverse engineering
- Do the impossible

Cloud Development with AWS Serverless technologies

Cloud development for your backend is a must today, giving you performance, flexibility, and security with access to advanced services based on AI previously exclusively offered by big players.

powered by AWS

My choice goes naturally to the leader AWS, even If I have also some experience with Google GCP and Microsoft Azure cloud. In particular, I am a big fan of AWS Lambda, API Gateway, DynamoDB and Athena…

all these serverless technologies will help us build an unexpective solution that can scale easily.

See my article on Medium on this subject.

Software Design & Architecture

The foundation of a good product and service is a good design.

What are the building boxes of the architecture, how to create a layered architecture, how to start and to evolve with time and customer feedback ? Which technologies to choose for the backend, for the frontend ? How maintainable is the solution ? What about the performance ? and the operational risks ?

These questions are not easy, and there are several solutions avaiable for the same project…

As a Software Architect, I am presenting you all the possibilities, the pros and cons of each solution and YOU take the decision. Part of my role is to explain difficult technical aspects to non technical people and to document all the solutions.

Architectural View Model from wikipedia

(image based on wikimedia common)

Refactoring & Reverse engineering

When you have already a working system in production, where you invest a lot of money and knowledge, generally you are not looking for a complete rewrite but you want to build on what you have already.

But your current product is so big, without an up to date documentation, and the project so old that everyone is afraid of touching it…

You need someone that can understand completely what’s running in production, to discover how it works and how the project may evolve towards the desired target.

Do the impossible

With hard work and courage go “where no one has gone before”…

USS Entreprise

That’s why in your Enterprise you will need someone like commander Spock ;-)

About Me

Frank Afriat

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